Ham, brie, spinach & apple chutney


Sourdough bread, ham, brie cheese, spinach and apple chutney. Toasted. 

Parma ham, mozzarella & rocket


Sourdough bread, proscuto crudo, bufala mozzarella and rocket. Toasted. 

Ham, cheese, salad, tomatoes ,onion & mayo dressing


Sourdough bread, proscuto cotto, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, white onions and mayo dressing. 

Beef, Rocket, Pecorino


Sourdough bread with salt cured beef, rocket, Pecorino, mustard-mayo dressing

Hummus, spinach, onion & tomatoes (Vg)


Hummus, white onions, spinach and fresh tomatoes

Pulled pork & Coleslaw


Sourdough bread, bbq pulled pork and coleslaw

Mushroom, onion & cheese


Toasted sandwich filled with mushrooms, onions and cheese 

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