Sharing Platters

Sharing Platters

MEAT Selecction of 5


MEAT: Parma ham, Coppa, Finocchiona, Mortadella, Speack, Spinata Piccante, Prosciuto Cotto, Hunters Salami, fennel salami

CHEESE Selecction of 5


CHEESE: Gonzola dolce, Toma di Capra, Taleggio, Pamigiano, Pecorino,Cow+Goats, Bianco Sotto with truffle, Stilton, Testun al borolo, Porvolone Picante, Ragusano & Brie

Paté Moroccan (Vg)


Paté Moroccoan: mushrooms, shallots, coconut milk, sundried tomatoes, tomato pure, spices & herbs, We serverd with bread 


Paté Mushroom (Vg)


Paté Mushroom, white beans, onion, coconut milk, soy sauce, spices & herbs.

We serve it with bread (VEGAN)

Paté Smoked Salmon


Paté Smoked salmon with bread

Paté Chicken Liver


Paté Chicken liver, shallots, cream, eggs, spices and herbs

We serve it with bread.

Paté Farmhouse


Paté Farhouse: pork, shallot, eggs, spices & herbs 

We serve it with bread

Spicy Anchovies


Spicy anchovies with bread 

Flamed Chorizo


Flamed in front of you, Spanish chorizo, served with sourdough bread and condiments 

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